Proteus Lighting Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is funded in 2006 by the Italian registered architect Dr. GABRIELE FEZIA following the establishment of Shanghai BaoTe Company in 2004. It has offices in Milan, Shanghai, and Beijing that supported by 5 partners and more than 20 professional designers.

Adhering to the unique creativity of Italian designers, fully respecting and understanding the concepts of project designers, we are devoting to become the leading lighting design company in China. Follow the design principles of "more energy-efficient light, smarter light, high-tech light" in order to achieve our goals and mission. Our service scope includes the following:


-Perform a full range of services, from the concept stage to the supervision of the installation and construction process.

-Integrate a large number of resources into research and experimentation of new technologies.

-Respect the environment, adopt "green" design methods and LEED & WELL standard.

-Ensure warranty terms and affordable maintenance conditions.


Partners: we have two international company in Hongkong and Italy:

Proteus development group ltd

Proteus 3d innovation S.R.L

普洛特思照明设计咨询(上海)有限公司是由意大利注册建筑师GABRIELE FEZIA博士继2004年成立上海宝忒机电公司之后,在2006年投资成立的外资设计咨询公司,目前有5位合伙人及20余位专业设计师。在意大利米兰、中国上海、北京分别设有办公室。秉承意大利设计师的独特创意,充分尊重和理解建筑和合作设计师理念,立志成为中国最具引领精神的灯光设计创意公司。 遵循“更节能的光、更智能的光、高科技的光”的设计原则,以期达到我们的目标,完成我们的使命。



- 提供全方位服务,从概念阶段到安装监督建设过程到竣工验收。 

- 投入大量资源与精力,开展对最新技术的调查和试验。 

- 尊重环境,采用“绿色”设计方式和国际节能标准。 

- 拥有可信赖的质量保证及可承受的维护条件。





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